Born: 1992




There exists a conversation between digital and physical architecture that is both profound and evolving. As polished as our virtual worlds are in terms of polygons and detail, humans have merely just arrived at the initial forefront of comprehensively experiencing digital 3D space outside of 2D platforms. Humanity manufactured an inhabitable, theoretically infinite universe. Reality has become redefined by digital adjectives. Virtual and augmented are lingual admissions of an ethereal tactility.

Currently, digital reality precipitates perceived habitation through the sensory input of sight, sound, and movement; although the limits of our technologies are exponentially evaporating. Eventually, humans will interact with the digital realm through all the senses. At this point,  humanity will possess the ability to consciously inhabit a universe unbound by the limitation of physics, materiality, time, and space. The fact that popular culture has repeatedly investigated the motif of an inhabitable digital realm serves as proof that humans maintain a desire to manifest this idea.

Because of our digital revolution, architecture diverged into the physical and the digital and their respective purposes differ greatly. These purposes evolve distinctly but in conversation with each other. Digital Architecture exists as an accessible and universal playground for users to interact,  enjoy, and experience limited only by imagination. Physical Architecture’s purpose must be to provide sustenance, introspection, and grounding which places humans in their mortal context. Architects will achieve so not by advancing the possible in the real world, but by strictly defining what is impossible while flirting with possible’s boundaries. Physical Architecture’s ability, that is to allow people to inherently understand they are inhabiting mortal bodies, should transcend sense; striking ethos and pathos equally and powerfully.


Creative Experience:


Spacial & Architectural Designer, UC Berkeley College of Environmental Design, Current

Creative Producer, AM Visuals, Current

Digital Asset Designer, Hive Mattress, 2017

Front-end Designer, Microsoft, 2017

Storyboard Illustrator, JDotan Enterprises, 2017

Digital Asset Designer, ClickHook, 2017

Web Asset Designer, Emethod Inc., 2017

Storyboard Illustrator, Wieden + Kennedy, 2017

Brand Designer, Breezy Beach Apartments, 2017

Health Care Branding, Auxilia Health, 2017

Studio Illustrator and Designer, Wieden + Kennedy, 2016

Director, Exhibition 16: Annual Ringling Illustration Senior Show, 2015 - 2016

Apparel Graphic Artist, Abercrombie and Fitch, 2015

Digital Photography Retoucher, Troy Plota Photography, 2015

Mural Design & Production, The Blue Rooster of Sarasota, 2014

Event Illustration, Florida State University Theater, 2012