Andy McCormack


For work inquires:


Born in 1992

Portland, OR

About my work:


My illustration and paintings tend to be tactile and rough. Keeping examples of raw medium in my work describe how the piece was built. These raw patches are important for providing texture as well as showing my hand. I spent a lot of time trying to create over-polished work in an attempt to push my personal skills. I found myself enjoying a painting or a drawing better long before it reached “finished.” The latest struggle for my work requires balancing the finished qualities with the unfinished edges to create something that is descriptive and understood, yet energetic and fresh.


Creative Experience:


Illustrator and Creative Producer, AM Visuals LLC, 2011 - Current

-Clients include: Honeycutt Inc., ClickHook, Emethod Inc, Wieden + Kennedy, Breezy Beach Apartments, Auxilia Health, ChiliPot, Sorry For the Pentagram, The Blue Rooster of Sarasota, Troy Plota Photography, Florida State University Theater, Kio Studios, 8pipes, and private art collections

Studio Illustrator and Designer, Wieden + Kennedy: Portland, OR, 2016

Director, Exhibition 16: Annual Ringling Illustration Senior Show, Volunteer: Sarasota, FL 2015 - 2016

Graphic Artist, Abercrombie and Fitch: New Albany, OH, 2015

Member of AIGA

Member of The Graphic Artists Guild