Andrew McCormack

Born in 1992 in sunny California

Currently working in Sarasota, Florida

Design is beauty balanced by pragmatism. A designer's job is to find that equilibrium, and to use it to serve a purpose.

Each of my pieces is presented to me originally as a problem that requires solving. After initial mental exploration and sketching, I dissect each issue that may present itself in the process through a constant questioning of the work. When I’m deep into the work it becomes a personal struggle for me to pull the piece somewhere I consider finished. It eventually leads to a point of frustration where I must leave the canvas momentarily. Only by leaving shortly am I able to get the space to understand my canvas in order to fix the new issues. By going through this cyclical process that I am able to tackle the diverse puzzles of multiple medias and projects without losing my voice, but I will always prefer a brush in hand.


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